Xp Costs

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Experience point costs scale as the attribute, skill, or power that is being purchased rises. The higher levels cost more, so spend your points wisely! Merits seem more complex at first blush, since many of them have to be purchased at a an initial level of 3 or 4 instead of one level at a time. For merit purchases, you simply add up the total cost for each dot.

For example, merits cost 2 points per dot. The first level of any merit costs 2, the second costs 4, and the third costs 6. Therefore a 3 point merit is 10 experience points, or the same price as raising an Attribute from 1 to 2.

Experience Point Costs

  • Attributes: 5x new level
  • Skills: 3x new level
    • Specialty Skills: 2x new level
    • Skill Specialty: 3 points
  • Merits: 2x new level(s)
  • Psychic Powers: 4x new level
  • Destiny: 3x new level
  • Psi: 3x new level

Experience Point Gain

Each session, each character gains experience points. Most sessions the group will get a normal amount of points. However, extra points are awarded for particularly good plans and victories. Extra poitns are also awarded at the end of each story arc. Most arcs will have a period of downtime afterwards, where the characters have a chance to work on some projects, get special training, and otherwise advance quite a bit.

  • Each session each player character gets 4 experience points.
    • If the group has had a particularly good victory or other good moment, 1 or 2 additional points are awarded.
  • At the end of a story arc, an additional 5-10 points are awarded, on top of the regular session award.

Xp Costs

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