Theurgic Rituals

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Rituals were discovered by the various church orders. Some rituals are common to all Theurges, and may be learned by any of them. For those listed as belonging to a particular sect, someone from that sect must be convinced to teach the ritual to the character, or she must belong to the sect in question.

The roll for performing a ritual is always a certain attribute, + Theology. The individual ritual will say which attribute it requires. All rituals require spending 1 point of Wyrd. If a ritual requires additional Wyrd it will say so. Other than those changes, all the rituals perform as indicated in the 2nd Edition Fading Suns book. Only the names, and what level the rituals will be in this system are presented in the pages below.

Rituals require the performance of an actual ritual. Each ritual will indicate what sorts of things the character will need to do. Failing to perform these ritual requirements penalizes the roll by -3.

  • Liturgy – Words must be spoken, some rites require a lot of oration, some simply need a quick prayer or quote from scripture.
  • Gestures – Signs and symbols must be traced in the air or on the object of the ritual. The most common is the Jumpgate sign that is the symbol of the Church but it could be complex runes as well.
  • Prayer – The priest must meditate for a short moment, or for as long as the ritual requires. Combat rituals generally don’t require much of this, because the priest is left vulnerable. The priest’s non-armor defense drops to zero if he has to pray deeply for a full round or more, until the prayer is over.

Ritual Vestments can provide bonuses, as can special relics and other sacred objects. The bonus depends on how holy the object is, and some items provide a bonus only for a specific ritual, while vestments are generally applicable to anything. Most items will give a +1 bonus. Note that some vestments denote rank within the Church or a specific sect, and that Church officials will not be amused to see someone wearing vestments for a rank they have not earned!

  • Church Rituals – Any theurge may learn these.
  • Orthodox – Rituals for the orthodox sect. Easiest sect rituals to learn.
  • Brother Battle – Rituals of war and defense. Taught to those who have proved they are courageous.
  • Eskatonic – Mystic and investigative rituals. Taught to those who have proved they are inquisitive and open minded.
  • Temple Avesti – Rituals of the inquisition. Taught to those who have proved that they do not tolerate sin.
  • Sanctuary Aeon – Rituals of healing and cleansing. Taught to those who have proved that they have great compassion and a sense of service.

Theurgic Rituals

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