Tech Reclamation

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Skill Type: Specialty Skill
Base Skill: Technology

  • Technology 3+
  • Mental Attributes cannot be Tertiary
  • Scraver Guild Membership or Scraver Status of 3+

One of the prime skills of the Scraver guild, this skill aids in the reclamation and jury-rigging of any kind of technology. It differs quite a bit from the Engineer approach to reclaiming technology, which relies on understanding the lost tech fully. While the results that an Engineer gets are superior, he can only reclaim lost tech that fits into one of his areas of expertise. This skill, however, allows the reclamation of ANY lost tech, even if the Scraver has no real understanding of how it works.

Rather than being based on principles of design and science, this skill is based on a general understanding of how humans approach technology and a strong intuitive grasp of control systems and interfaces. The skill is less effective on alien tech, but the general principles still apply. It is this kind of skill that allowed humans to manipulate Jumpgates without understanding the principles behind them.

Success when using this skill will restore an unbroken piece of lost or alien technology to a functioning state. It will not explain what the device does, or help the character integrate it into other machines. Experimentation via dangerous trial-and-error testing is the only way to find out what a device does, when using this skill. Experienced Scravers recommend picking a test environment that minimizes the risks as much as possible. Cynical Scravers suggest acquiring ‘testing assistants’ from the Muster or a local prison.

Advanced Use: When the character has at least 3 dots in this specialty skill, she can actually repair devices that are at least 50-75% intact simply by looking at the rest of the device and restoring parts that look like they should fit. This takes three to five times as long as a regular repair, but allows the restoration of ancient tech that’s been broken instead of just dormant.

Non-Human Tech: When using this skill on non-human tech, the character gets a -2 penalty to the roll, -4 penalty on repair rolls.

Annunki Tech: This skill can be applied to the technology of the primordial ancients, such as their Jumpgates and other artifacts, but those devices are arcane (sometimes literally so) and their responses do not seem to make sense. Tech Reclamation gets a -5 penalty when manipulating Annunki tech, and cannot be used to repair it. Remember that it took whole teams of brilliant scientists years to unravel the most superficial workings of the first Jumpgate that humans encountered.

Tech Reclamation

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