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Merits help fill out a character with little quirks and advantages that don’t fit within the confines of the 1-5 attribute and skill systems. Merits come in a variety of types, some pulled from the WoD book, some from the Fading Suns book. Either way, the costs listed are the costs in merit points to purchase them.

WoD Merits

Not all merits from the WoD book are appropriate for the game, and some may have to be changed a little. The descriptions are not given here, for brevity, and to reduce the amount of work to get the pages up. Ask if you have questions about a particular merit.

Mental Merits

  • Eidetic Memory: 2 points
  • Holistic Awareness: Renamed to Folk Healing 3 points
  • Language: 1 point per langauge known
    • Potential Languages: Vorox, Gannock, Vurdrok, Kurgan, Ukari, Obun, Latin (used by the Church)
  • Unseen Sense: Heroic Characters Only 3 points

Physical Merits

  • Brawling Dodge: 1 point
  • Direction Sense: 1 point
  • Disarm: 2 points
  • Fast Reflexes: 1 or 2 points.
  • Fighting Finesse: 2 points
  • Fighting Styles: 1-5 Points
    • Fading Suns has various new fighting styles, such as Shaidan (Hazat martial arts); Mantok (Church martial arts); Jox Kai Von (Ukari martial arts); and specific fencing styles for the more martial houses. Ask if you’re interested!
  • Giant: 4 points
  • Natural Immunity: 1 point
  • Quick Healer: 4 points
  • Strong Lungs: 3 points
  • Stunt Driver: Renamed Stunt Pilot 3 points
  • Toxin Resistance: 2 points
  • Weaponry Dodge: 1 point

Social Merits

  • Allies: 1-5 points
  • Contacts: 1-5 points
  • Inspiring: 4 points
  • Mentor: 1-5 points
  • Resources: 1-5 points
  • Retainer: 1-5 points
  • Status: 1-5 points (Important merit in this system!)
  • Striking Looks: 2 or 4 points

Fading Suns Merits

  • Alien Upbringing: 2 points
    • Helps an Alien character fit in with human society better, reducing social penalties.
  • Family Ties: 3 points
    • The character has a loyal and useful family to draw on. This merit may only be purchased if the character is willing to reciprocate the loyalty.
  • Fief: 3-5 points
    • Nobles only. Actual land holdings within the noble family that the character directly controls.
  • Heir: 3 points
    • Nobles only. The character is in line for some special position, privilege, or resource.
  • Householder: 1 point
    • Non nobles only. The character is affiliated with a noble house in a professional context and enjoys some protection in exchange for doing jobs for them.
  • Jumpkey: 2 points for Charioteers, 4 points for others.
    • A key that allows ships passage between two specific worlds in either direction.
  • Secrets: 1-5 points
    • The character knows something that provides leverage on another person.
  • Reputation: Replacement for Fame 1-5 points
  • Retinue: 1-5 points
    • Nobles Only. Servants that are less useful than retainers but more numerous.
  • Well Traveled: 3 or 5 points
    • The character has been around quite a bit and has some basic knowledge of either a group of planets, or a significant chunk of the Empire.

New Merits

These merits are new ones that I feel are appropriate or interesting for our game. More will be coming!

  • Crafty: 3 points (2 points for Decados Nobles)
    • The character has always been clever and sneaky, but has gone further to develop those talents and become a really dangerous, cunning person. The character has made a point of spending a lot of time with underworld types, and is clever and diligent enough to pick up a lot of tricks.
    • 1 free specialty each for 2 of the following skills. Low Speech, Larceny, Intimidation, Subterfuge, Investigation.
  • Death Trance: 3 points (2 points for Hazat Nobles)
    • The character is a warrior who understands that very few warriors die aged in bed. The training recived and culture the character grew up in has prepared them to deal with the eventuality with dignity and poise. Supernatural fear holds much less sway over the character.
    • +3 dice to any test to resist a Fear effect, regardless of source, Holy, Psychic, or Unholy.
    • +2 to the resistance attribute on fear effects that don’t allow a resistance roll.
  • Honorable: 2 points (1 point for Hawkwood Nobles)
    • The character has been raised on a stable set of principles that inform his or her actions and behaviors. The code varies from group to group, Church Yeomen have a different code than a Hazat noble, of course. However, the important thing is that the character is quite serious about following the code and that it is a community and justice oriented code.
    • +2 dice on all rolls to resist a drop in Piety or an increase in Urge.
  • Well Heeled: 3 points (2 points for al-Malik nobles and Reeves)
    • The character has access to a lot of money, more than people in his situation usually get. It could be the result of embezzlement, bonuses from clever work, a generous family member, access to a position that receives bribes, or any number of options.
    • The character retains any unspent firebirds from his gear stipend.
    • The character’s income is increased by 25%, rounded up.

Dueling Styles

These styles now have their own page.



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