Damage Rules

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Weapons and damage, as well as their interaction with energy shields are one of the things that had to change the most from the Fading Suns book, and gets the least guidance from the WoD rules. Here are some quick rules for how your weapons work.


Weapons continue to work normally as far as what skills and attributes are rolled. However, weapons no longer add any dice to the attack pool.

Instead, weapons add their damage directly to a successful attack. So a gun with a damage of 3 won’t add any dice to the attack pool, unless it comes with a special scope or an auto-aiming computer or something.

However, if the character hits with that gun, they do damage equal to the number of successes they got, + 3 more for the gun.

Example: Oriana fires her Revolver, which has a damage rating of 3. She has a Dex + Firearms pool of 6. Her target is unarmored, and Defense doesn’t help against guns, so she rolls all 6 dice.

She gets 2 successes on her 6 dice. That’s 2 points of damage, +3 more for the gun, for a total of 5 health points of damage. Enough to take down a full health level from even a pretty durable person!

High Tech Weapons:

Energy weapons are more dangerous than slugthrowers or swords, and a shock-mod on a sword can make it a fearsome weapon. Here are the bonuses that energy weapons get to their damage or attacks.

  • Shock Swords: A shock mod on a sword adds damage depending on how good the mod is. In addition, when striking a target armored in low-tech metal, the mod damage is delivered to the target even if the attack fails to penetrate the armor.
  • Laser Weapons: Laser weapons aren’t 100% reliable but they’re a huge improvement over the old slugthrowers.
    • Tech Level 3 and lower armor provides only half protection, rounded down, against combat lasers.
    • Every die that comes up a 10 on an attack with a Laser weapon deals an additional Bonus Damage. These dice are still re-rolled.
    • Laser weapons get penalties in foggy or smoky environments as normal.
  • Plasma Weapons: Plasma weapons are brutal weapons that deal out massive damage, and have the potential to leak through shields that try to stop them.
    • Tech Level 4 and lower armor provides no protection at all against Plasma fire.
    • As with Lasers, dice that come up 10 on an attack roll with a Plasma weapon add bonus damage.

Energy Shields

When and how energy shields provide their protection is answered below for each type of weapon. A shield’s “Threshold” is the minimum damage number listed in the shield’s statistics.

  • Melee Weapons and Archaic Ranged Weapons: This includes crossbows, bows, swords, hammers, axes, etc.
    • These weapons only trigger energy shields if the damage is equal to or greater than the shield’s threshold.
  • Slugthrower Weapons: Standard pistols, rifles, revolvers, shotguns, etc. Anything that relies on gunpowder to hurl small bits of metal.
    • These weapons always trigger shields regardless of damage amount. Shields are very effective against them, having been designed with slugthrowers specifically in mind.
  • Laser Weapons: Combat lasers of all types, most of them designed to look and operate as much like a slugthrower as possible for ease of use.
    • Laser weapons only trigger shields if they exceed the shield’s minimum threshold.
    • Laser weapons do not ‘leak through’ shields, the shield becomes opaque and reflective where the laser strikes.
  • Plasma Weapons: Deadly plasma ranged weapons fit into this category, as do flux and mist swords.
    • The bonus damage points from plasma weapons leak through energy shields.
      • So if an attacker rolled 2 10s to hit a shielded target, 2 damage would get through the shield to burn the target.
    • Plasma fire is so energetic that shields always activate in response.

Damage Rules

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