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The Inner Self

Our Story So Far…

With the rejuvenation of Leminkainen’s sun, the blessings of the Pancreator were declared to have fallen upon our wayward heroes. With praise and gifts heaped upon them from the Emperor himself, they were tasked with finding more ancient artifacts. It was surmised by the Church that this was the task for which the Pancreator had gathered such an unlikely group, and so both Church and Emperor would lend their aid to see that the quest could continue.

Though the heroes of the hour hoped to bask for a bit in their newfound wealth and privilege, it was not to be so. What seemed like a simple errand to curry more favor with the Emperor and the Scraver’s guild quickly became a nightmare of betryal, blackmail, and attempted assassinations.

Now with at least three guilds and two noble houses hot on their trail, as well as the possible wrath of a jealous Emperor hanging over their heads, will our brave band be able to persevere? Or will they fall to the knives of the powerful and unscrupulous, to be forever remembered only as martyrs?

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