Resources above zero represent a reliable form of income, be it an allowance, a salary, investment money, or rents paid in from land or other holdings. In order to receive this money, the character will have to have access to the source. In most cases the character can simply have the money put into a bank account, held by the Guild of Reeves. As long as the character is on a world where the Reeves have banks (every world of the Empire, but not outside the borders), then things are fine. Once the character leaves the Empire, getting a hold of new funds may be problematic.

Less legitimate sources of income, from criminal work or salaries from secret societies might not get deposited in a Reeve bank. In that case, the character would have to make other arrangements, or travel to the source of his income in order to cash in.

The chart below shows how many firebirds are gained each month at various resource levels, as well as repeating the parts of the chart that indicate how much gear and pocket money a character has when created. The chart is further extended for income levels above the 5 Resources that are possible at character creation. Non-noble characters will find it very difficult to justify purchasing their resources above 5 during the game.

Note that characters with very high Resources (8+) may have holdings that generate more than the ‘income’ level of Firebirds every month, but also require some overhead to maintain, and may not generate their entire income in cash. Many land holdings generate a lot of taxes in the form of food, for instance. Higher levels of resources represent the easily cash-able portion of the character’s rents or other income. Such characters have access to additional perks, like a large body of hardworking serfs, palatial estates, and militias they may be able to levy.

Resources: Firebirds for Gear: Income: Starting Pocket Money:
0 75 Firebirds None 1d10 Wings
1 150 Firebirds 5fb / mo 1d10 Crests
2 250 Firebirds 15fb / mo 10-15 Firebirds
3 400 Firebirds 50fb / mo 25-30 Firebirds
4 750 Firebirds 180+fb / mo 50-75 Firebirds
5 1200 Firebirds 500+fb / mo 100-150 Firebirds
6 NA 750fb / mo NA
7 NA 1200fb / mo NA
8 NA 2,000fb / mo NA
9 NA 3,000fb / mo NA
10 NA 5,000+fb / mo NA


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