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The drama of Fading Suns is not really a story about spaceships, aliens, or strange technology. At it’s heart, it is a tale of people. Strange people, loving people, hateful people, pious people, alien people. Though the Characters tab holds some information, this page is to remind players and storyteller both of those people that have touched the story, and why.

Allies, Mentors, and Friends

  • Master Alec Strand
    • Mentor and sometimes father-figure to Oriana Wheeler. A Master of the Scraver’s Guild, in service to House Hawkwood on Ravenna.
  • Captain Damini Morwec
    • An Ukari Captain of the Charioteer’s guild, both respected and feared for her relentless nature in pursuing any task she’s given. Maintains ties to the clans on Kordeth, and sponsored Enzi Sefu to the Guild.
  • Master Engineer Isaac Branhe
    • Brilliant scientist specializing in starship engines, and gifted professor. He finds Veer’s work to be adequate, which can be said of perhaps six students in his three decades of teaching.
  • Bishop Luther Paulson
    • Esteemed Bishiop of the Imperial Church on Byzantium Secundus. He has taken a personal interest in Sister Andromeda and her mission.
  • Knight-Captain Matthius Stark
    • A brave Questing Knight who’s exploits are legend for his battles against rogue tribes of Ur-Ukar heathens. He has been assigned as Ruben Hazat’s superior for this mission.
  • Baron Richard Leeland Hawkwood
    • Exasperated father to Tremain Hawkwood, he has little time for his youngest son, between helping his two older sons manage their military campaigns against the Vuldrok, and marrying his daughters off.

Figures of Import, Curiosity, or Uncertainty

  • Duchess Catherine Hawkwood
    • Mighty general and ruler of Leminkainen, she has the power to give the party all the support they need, and likewise the ability to completely shut them down.
  • Grand Master Alfred Windor
    • A knight in service to the Duchess, he gained his fame and the right to command a unit of knights when he slew Count Chano Talavera Hazat at the Battle of Five Nights on Vera Cruz. He has been assigned as liaison to the party.

Foes, Rivals, and Sworn Enemies

NPCs of Note

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