Combat Piloting

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Skill Type: Specialty Skill
Base Skill: Pilot

  • Pilot 2+
  • Wits and Dexterity of 2+
  • Charioteer Guild Membership or Charioteer Status of 1+

While the piloting skill can certainly can be used in combat, very few pilots get enough practice in the cockpit to learn the additional tricks that can make or break a combat situation. That doesn’t tend to be a problem for Charioteers, who not only get more flight-time than any two or three noble pilots but have the advantage of a really impressive tradition of instruction going back over six hundred years.

This skill can be used not only to protect one’s ship from weapons fire, but also to keep the ship’s guns at their optimal range in order to make the gunners more effective. Most pilots have to choose between offense and defense, but a combat pilot can improve the ship’s performance in both areas at once. When making rolls in combat, the pilot gets a bonus success for each 10 rolled. The bonus successes go to whatever was not the focus of the roll, i.e. if pilot makes a defensive roll, the bonus successes go to improve the ship’s offense, and vice-versa.

The prestige of having some combat training from the charioteer’s guild is really coveted among non-guild pilots. Many seek training with the guild, and generally as long a the pilot isn’t an enemy of the guild then something can be worked out. Still, most charioteer pilots pick up this training at some point or another, whereas the percentage of noble-employed pilots with this skill is only between ten and twenty percent. Due to the antagonism between the Church and the Charioteers, it’s almost impossible for a church pilot to get this training.

Advanced Use: When the character has at least 3 dots in this specialty skill, he can reduce the penalties on a complex combat maneuver by his Wits once per combat.

Non-Human Tech: This skill gives such a good background in piloting that the character can operate Vau and other strange alien vessels with very little penalty or no penalty at all.

Combat Piloting

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