Veer Azriel



Session 7

Well, things kind of went as planned. None of us died and the assassins from the musters and entertainers guild did. Also, now we’re friends with that duchess Decado, which is a good deal in the long run. (Though I’d still rather have 20,000 firebirds instead).

I can’t believe my mom is here. Uuuuuuugh, seriously. She drives me up the wall and it’s always like, oh Veeer, what are you doing with your life. Oh, Veeeer, you’re so much better than this. Oh Veeeer, this is not why your father and I had you. Ugh. I think I’m doing pretty jumpgating good right now. And I AM going to make a jump drive and I AM going to build a Jumpgate! So there, pffffft!

Seriously though, now I’m a little freaked out about going to Hargard…I hope mom was exaggerating about the whole being sold as some barbarians love slave…got me thinking though. No I’m going to be paranoid about it. Ugh. Maybe I’ll ask Enzi to pretend and be my husband or something. I’d ask Ruben but he’d get the wrong idea. I’d ask Tremaine buuut I kind of like him, sooo…

Anyway, getting initiated into the SOE offically today, woo woo! I’m hoping I’ll be able to grab some broken jump drives from the shipyard and throw them on board the ship we’re getting. That way I can really examine the things, though…I still have to finish designing my current spaceship. And I gotta finish that engine…I wonder if it’s going to arrive here in time to go with us on the trip…hmmm… Oh oh, I got a cloak!!! Now I can be all invisible! Exciitiiiinnnnng! Need to adapt it to my synthsilk somehow…I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Session 6

I blew 300 firebirds on some synthsilk armor. Nice stuff. I’ve always wanted a set to study; though I’ll be wearing this more for safety than research. Another 50 went out the window with some bits and baubles byzantium secondus has some sweet trinkets you can’t get anywhere else.

Now that the man who hired us is dead we won’t be getting the rest of our payment. The Ukari and Oriana are both strangely paranoid about things. Not really sure why one ould be afraid of their own guild. Maybe she did something to them and is being extra cautious around them. Who knows as for Enzi, well, never know what those that differ are thinking.

Ahould be able to sell the video back to the woman for a good price which will cover our trouble expenses. Though, I prefer not to run around for my life

The ship looks good inside and out. There’s enough room for me to setup a small area to craft and experiment, which is all I need in most cases. I’l have to get my prototype engine shipped from Leaugenheim. It’s so close to being finished. Need to finish those plasma rifles too. Neeed to come up with a brand name. Hmm, Azriel probably works, though I surely don’t want to give my parents any credit.

Session 1

Heading off to Lemankinem on an assisnment from the Emporer himself. High risk though with the possibility of great rewards. Also, my teacher praised my new engine design! Ha. I am going to be the greatest engineer who ever lived! I will create new technology never dreamed of! I will master spacecraft design! I will build a Jumpgate! And it all starts now.

Session 2

Interesting group they assembled for the mission. We have a priest which is a real problem for me. I saw her work her miracle or whatever it is the church calls them. One time to heal, the other to frighten. When will those powers be turned against me?
My first talk with an Inquisitor. I didn’t think I’d ever have one and be alive at the end of it. At least he’s not coming with us on the mission.

Too bad there’s a Scraver with us, now I’ll have to share all the good loot…

Everyone seems to be new at what they’re doing. We’re all expendable. Still, I plan to come out of this alive. And with tons of tech too. I’m hoping the priest won’t know much about what I take. Probably going to have to lie a lot. I bet my parents are good liars; we’ll see if I inherited those genes.

Btw, tracking down this Hawkwood noble was such a waste of time. And now this Li Halan guy is fracking with us! What the gate?! Thankfully, the head engineer here is awesome and helping me out with the problems. Hooray for the guild!

Well, it’s an early start so off to bed once Oriana finishes checking my room for assasins.

Session 3

So much treasure. So much treasure. I am going to be so rich with knowledge! I can’t believe how much information this old facility holds in its stomach! The idiotic priest and blind Hawkwood keep trying to stop me from getting what I want though. Ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with Tech! Arrogant fools. As if any of it is making the suns fade. And if it is, we need tech to put it right don’t we?! Whatever.

It’s scary down here. Mutants and nasty bio experimentation. Still, there’s so muc tech to find and steal, it’s completly worth it!

I have no idea what kind of alien it was we were fighting. He was definitly psychic though. Good thing Tremain was know he may be a ignorant fool, but he sure is good looking… I wonder..

Anyway, time to dump all these goodies in my pack and get out of here with this weapon, which can apparently stand up to entire fleets! Woo!

Session 4

Booooooooooooooom! That was the most beautiful explosion I have ever seen. Knocked me off my seat, but still worth it! I also got a TON of good stuff before it blew. Oriana nuked it and started a big war on the planet. I managed to tell people it just blew and it wasn’t anyones fault; at least no one that was in our group.

Idiot gate guardsblew my hoverbike. What the gate? I was broadcasting on all bands who I was too! Ridiculous! Then the priest stationed there tried to steal my stuff! Luckily, the guild came through for me. For some reason they also thought my team had ditched me. Not sure why…. I guess since they came back without me.

Turns out the artifact was a soul eating tech device. Who builds these things and why? Seeing through a jumpgate is nice and all but it’s not worth a life.

Enzi was not happy about us running around the ship, but we had to find someway to stop that thing from merging with our systems. Then we shot it into the sun. Hope I see a new explosion!

Also, Enzi is very cold towards me even though I speak his lagnuage. Were those lessons I took pointless or is he just weird? Well, no telling what those that differ are thinking I suppose. Probably won’t get a reward from the emporer, but the stuff I have in my pack are worth more anyway. Can’t wait to start pouring over this stuff.

Also, pretty sure nobody noticed me using my abilities.

Session 5

The rebirth of a sun. Something I’ve wanted to see for awhile, but I thought it’d be much longer before I witnessed it. I also thought I’d be pulling the trigger or pushing the button of whatever caused it. I was part of the events, but I don’t have an answer to how it was accomplished.

Energy weapon of some kind, on the level of Vau tech or very end of age 2nd Republic. Fried half of the ship on its way to the sun. Was smart enough to get my new holo recorder going before anything major took place. Now that I’m not going to be burned alive for using tech, I can analyze it all properly and try to see what took place. Bringing the suns back to life was on my list of lifetime goals, it was just closer to the bottom. Maybe it’ll happen sooner than I’d hoped.

I thought I was going to be toast after arriving at Byzantium Secondus. But, it wasn’t so bad, and Tremain got us a nice place to be held. Then afterwards the nicest place I’ve ever stayed in. I know there’s an AI in that set of suites…there might even be golems wandering around somewhere. Been resisting the urges to take things apart and get a proper look at them for now. Not sure how much longer I can resist though.

The Emporer seems like an okay guy. He sure hands out good gifts! Being on the same level with the nobles as far as the use of tech is concerned is the biggest relief of my life. If only there was something like that for being a psychic too. Well, one where I didn’t get screwed over, that is.

The dress was beautiful. It probably cost more firebirds than I’ve ever seen, and I might of been able to keep it. Thing is, you have to keep your style. Plus, there was no way I was going to go that long without my goggles. I’m naked without them, and they’re my first line of defense on detection prevention. Besides, us E’s get to be eccentric if we please. Emporer didn’t seem to care either way. Those poor stewards, ha ha ha. Half worth it to watch them fuss. I wonder if that’s what nobles feel like all the time?

I have so much tech to play with right now, so many documents to pour over. Going to try and build a Blaster Rifle, plasma tech and everything. Start my own brand, I think! Ha! Best brand ever! Azriel brand! The only brand in the galaxy you can trust! Maybe through something about the Pancreator blessing in there to make people feel better. That’s another thing…

Pancreator? Really? Pancreator? ….really guys? The giant energy weapon that fired through the Jumpgate was from him? Give. Me. A. Break. Lunatics and weirdos. I was hoping to get some sympathy from the Ukari, but all of my subtle probes on the subject result in him being racist to his own kind. Weeeeeeiirrrrrrrrrrd. Or maybe he thinks I’m trying to trick him. Whatev. I’ll tell you what’s going to fix the fading suns. Us. This group. And while we might run into some weird powerful psychic beings, they certainly aren’t going to be something as crazy as the Pancreator. Then again, everyone probably thinks I’m crazy for thinking this. Or they would if they had any inkling I did.

Also, Guild membership! BOOM! Thanks Emp! And 500 firebirds? Okay!!! Wooooo!!!!!! And pick a ship you want to run around in? WELL, if you INSIST!!!!! WOOOO HOOO!!! To the shipyards!!! Can’t wait to build myself one of these!

Veer Azriel

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