Oriana Wheeler

Scraver, Born & Raised


On the shorter end of the height spectrum, Oriana stands barely over five feet. However, what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in personality. Known for her energetic aura, Oriana is one of the more active individuals in her occupational bracket. Constantly on the move, or at the very least, doing something worth while, she is the one to go to when you want something to get done, and done well. Along with being a hard worker, she is also known for her easy-to-get-along-with nature.

Her social skills may not be polished to a blinding sheen, but she is a personable individual, and enjoys the company of others. She loves to learn, whether it be about tech, or history, and can often be quite knowledgeable about many different subjects. Tech is something the woman’s quite passionate about, but, she does known when to hide that… sometimes.

The busy, active life of a Scraver has left her with a fit frame and a sharp mind. When not out in the field, one can find her usually tinkering away on some new project. She’s no stranger to getting her hands dirty, but she hasn’t completely relinquished all of her feminine qualities. Sticking with what’s ‘acceptable’ for the times, Oriana often wears skirts, though a pair of tight leggings are always underneath, just in case she has to climb or run — one never knows when its a necessity. She may not be on the top of fashion, but she does try to make a point to always look presentable, whatever the situation. Appearances do reflect on the individual, after all. But practicality is just as important.

Dark hair is kept cut short, to keep it out of her face. One set of goggles almost always constantly hangs about her neck, partially hidden by a sturdy jacket. Another set can usually be seen on her hip, along with a few other tools, when she’s working on a project, or out on a mission. Skin is tanned, though naturally a bit darker, from days spent out in sun-soaked terrain. And bright honey-hazel eyes are usually alight with laughter, or curiosity.


Oriana was born into the guild, raised by her mother until after the age of seven. As a Scraver, her mother lived a dangerous life, and one mission claimed her life, leaving Oriana in the hands of the Guild. Already apprenticed to her Mentor, Alec, Oriana continued her training and studies. As the years went by, Oriana came to view Alec as somewhat as a father figure, and a friend, as she grew older. And, despite his occasional expression of concern, she continued to push herself harder, to take on bigger and better missions. The Guild is what she has always known, and she strives to make something of herself within it.

Oriana Wheeler

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