Enzi Sefu

A child of the Ur, sent among the stars to explore, searching for meaning and lost glory.


POWER		Intelligence	●●●● 	Strength	●●	Presence	●●●
FINESSE		Wits		●●	Dexterity	●●	Manipulation	●●
RESISTANCE	Resolve		●●	Stamina		●●	Composure	●●

MENTAL				URGE				Health	●●●●●◦◦◦◦◦
Crafts				10______________◦		Hit	□□□□□□□□□□
Healing		●		 9______________◦		 Points	□□□□□XXXXX
Investigation	●●●		 8______________◦		Psi	●●●●●◦◦◦◦◦
Occult		●●		 7______________◦		Wyrd	□□□□□□□□□□
Politics			 6______________◦			□□□□□□□□□□
Technology	●		 5______________◦			□□X
Theology			 4______________◦		Merits
				 3______________◦		●◦◦◦◦	Resources
PHYSICAL			 2______________◦		●●◦◦◦	Status (Charioteers)
Athletics	●		 1______________●		◦◦◦◦◦	___________________
Brawl		●
Firearms	●●		Size		5		Psychic Powers
Larceny		●		Initiative	4		●●◦◦◦	Cloaking
Pilot		●●●		Defense		2		●●●◦◦	Far Hand
Survival	●		Armor		3		●●●●●	Psyche
Weaponry	●●						Gear
								Derringer Dmg:3 Rng:2/5/10
SOCIAL				SPECIALTIES			Hand crossbow Dmg:1 Rng:15/30/60
Animal Ken			Pilot: Jump Gates		Garrote Dmg:2
Etiquette	●		Survival: Deserts		Scimitar Dmg:3
Expression			Investigation: Psychic		Synstiff armor: Def:3
Intimidation	●		Money:  9 crests		Lock picks
Low Speech	●			309 firebirds		Squawker with headset
Persuasion							Whisper pin
Subterfuge	●		XP: 2 points			Needle gun Dmg:1 (poison)
Enzi is a tall, swarthy Ukar. His face is somewhat gaunt, with a straight blade of a nose and suspicious eyes. Hair sticks out from his head like the mane of a lion; one is left with the impression that it was once much longer, hacked off rather rudely, and is only now growing back to its proper length. A scar on his left cheek has the look of a graduated measuring device, incised with esoteric units; a scar on his right cheek resembles stylized calipers with an overlarge grip, half open as though to encompass the corner of his jaw.

Simple and scant clothing serves the demands of modesty, allowing him to display almost the full panoply of his scars. Symbols indicate clan, fantastic exploits, egregious indiscretions, family obligations and honors, marital status, a dozen other scraps and novellas of information penetrable only to other Ukari. Enzi favors garments in earth tones, reds, and dark oranges, with the occasional trimming of gold or yellow. When out from under a roof, he sometimes favors a broad-brimmed brown hat with a silver band; an almost unobtrusive feather protrudes from the band.

Enzi’s disposition is somewhat truculent, though seasoned by curiosity and attention to detail. His facial expressions seem somewhat immobile to humans not versed in Ukari body language, though some few have learned to interpret the sudden backward jerk of the head as a signal of impending violence. When tending to the business of piloting, he becomes less irascible and focuses his attention on the job. He is rather proud of his jump gate calculations.

After an incident involving—are you sitting down?—time travel, certain aspects of Enzi’s existence have altered that he doesn’t remember:

  • His Guild of Charioteers certificate mentions not that he is a serf of House al-Malik from Kordeth, but rather his clan and family name.
  • Two photographs in nice silver frames are among the items in his cabin: an Ukar woman about his own age and an Ukar boy whose features are similar to the woman’s.
  • A ritual knife for duels, such as was only used long ago.
People who were not involved in the paradox don’t know it occurred.

Enzi Sefu

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