The Unblinking Eye

The Story Begins
The initial situation of our heroes, otherwise known as the bit before everything went to hell.

News of a possible cure for the Symbiot condition roused every powerful organization in the Empire to bid for the right to be involved. The winners were a few of the Guilds, houses Hawkwood and Hazat, and of course, the Church. Only one thing stood in the way of reclaiming this glorious cure, the fact that it lay hidden in a facility infamous for producing terrible plagues during the sinful Second Republic.

So it was that promising but young and relatively unimportant men and women were selected to retrieve the cure. If they succumb to the plagues, that’s tragic, but the Empire will move on, remembering them as martyrs. However, if they should acquire the cure, and the Symbiots are finally vanquished… there will be no end to their glory.

It begins on Leminkainen, a barbarian-infested world of House Hawkwood. Under the planet’s swollen, reddish sun, the young adventurers must brave Vuldrok warlords, ancient security systems, and the horrors of unknown diseases. All in the hope that the House Dextrite facility will free the Empire of the need to blockade Stigmata forever.